Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tiny Steps for Some... Giant Strides for Me

I feel like a new person. Is it easy? No. Not on your life. Everyday is a struggle while my meds are being weaned away. But each day I wake up and smell a smell I didn't before. I notice a feeling that was muted while medicated. And I am finding myself. Who I am. What I like. What I hate. What makes me tick and what makes me happiest. And do you know what I have found? Theatre. I cannot get enough. Yes me. The one who never attended one party in my school years because I was too shy. The one who always walked looking down so no one would notice me. Now I am the person who decided to highlight my hair purple, just because I could. It started with the toddler drama class for Kamryn. It was a class that required a parent to attend with the child. I loved it. More than she even. From there I took and acting class and started to audition for experience. I did one straight audition and one musical audition. Neither landed me a part however the musical did get me involved and this production I will be working on the tech crew. It doesn't matter what I am doing, what kind of day I have had, or how stressed I am, when I walk through those backstage doors I become....Me. The Me I have just recently begun to discover and meet and learn about. Theatre is my love. My family is my love and now life without medication is my love. Thank you Lord for changing my life.

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